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UK Visa Regulations

If you are a citizen of a non-EEA (European Economic Area) country, you will need a visa to study in the UK. All students are responsible for ensuring they understand the visa process and requirements. If you require a visa, you will either need a Tier 4 or short-term study visa.  Please read the guidance below to ensure you receive the correct permission to study in the UK. The information below is for guidance only and should not be considered legal advice.

Tier 4 student visas

You will need to obtain a Tier 4 Student Visa if:

  • you will be taking an internship; and/or
  • you will be studying at St Mary’s for two semesters

The Tier 4 visa has additional requirements to the short-term study (student visitor) visa. If you know you will be applying for a Tier 4 visa, the St Mary’s Admissions team will be in touch with more details about next steps. You cannot apply for your Tier 4 visa more than 3 months before the beginning of your course. Please do not apply for your visa until St Mary’s has issued you with a CAS.

Short-term study visas

If you are intending to study with us for only one semester and you are not taking an internship, you can come to the UK as a short-term student (sometimes also called a student visitor).

Nationals from some countries will need to apply for the short-term study visa before they arrive in the UK. You can check if you need a visa by visiting If this site says you DO NOT need a visa, you are a non-visa national. If you DO need a visa, you are a visa national.