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Be a good neighbour - living off-campus

If you are living in an off-campus house or flat-share, please be aware of the needs of your neighbours. Many local residents have full time jobs and/or young children, and therefore have limited tolerance for noise and disturbance. Please help maintain the good reputation of St Mary's students by being considerate of your neighbours.

These simple measures will help to maintain good relations with neighbours:

  1. Keep noise to a minimum in residential streets, especially when returning from pubs and clubs late at night
  2. Only hold house parties at the weekend and always warn your neighbours of parties in advance.
  3. Keep the outside areas of your property clean and tidy. Keep grass cut and don't leave rubbish in garden areas. Ensure you put out rubbish for collection on the correct day only.  

Other Tips for Good Neighbourly Relations 

  • Keep noise levels down when entering and leaving your house at night (11pm-7am), and ask any visitors to do the same
  • Use a low volume setting or headphones if you want to listen to music or watch TV after 11pm
  • Avoid noisy socialising in your garden after 10.30pm on weekdays
  • Only put out your rubbish the night before your collection day and make sure all rubbish is placed in bins provided

Consequences of Disruptive Behaviour in the Local Area

The local council has the power to serve notices on tenants for noise nuisance or for areas which have been allowed to become a health hazard.  They have the power to impose significant fines for repeated breaches and can also confiscate music equipment if there is a significant disturbance. 

If your landlord receives complaints from neighbours then you also run the risk of your tenancy being terminated early or not receiving a reference from the landlord.

The University may take disciplinary action against students where specific complaints have been received by about disruptive behaviour.