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Student Life Team

What we do

Your Student Life Team are members of Student Services. They are on hand to help create a supportive, inclusive and vibrant student residential community and are available to guide, support and assist students throughout their St Mary's journey.

Your Student Life Team work closely alongside your Resident Mentors, Student Services and Students' Union, and are a point of contact for students with any issues concerning their accommodation, or who require advice or assistance on personal matters.

If you are a St Mary's student but not living in University accommodation and would like to contact the Student Life team for support, find out about events that may be going or want to get involved, then please get in touch by emailing or by calling 020 8240 4048.

Resident Mentors

Resident Mentors are members of staff who reside in the halls of residence and are the first point of contact for students with any issues concerning their accommodation, or who require advice or assistance on personal matters. If your Resident Mentor is unable to assist you with a personal matter, they will advise you of the appropriate support services.

They are responsible for student discipline and welfare in their halls, and their role is to support, guide and assist students living on campus. For example, should you fall ill and need assistance, your Resident Mentor should be called.

Resident Mentors also ensure the safety of halls of residence and ensure that students do not cause a nuisance or damage. Resident Mentors can issue disciplinary action against students who breach the Accommodation License. Disciplinary action may result in fines (deducted from your damage deposit), expulsion from halls and/or expulsion from the University depending on the severity of the breach.

Your Accommodation License can be found through the E-Portal on the student information page.

Student Senior Residents 

Student Senior Residents are students who reside in the halls of residence, helping the Resident Mentors perform their duties. Senior Residents are usually second or third years who have lived in halls of residence during their first year, and their role is to assist and support students while they're settling in and throughout their time in halls. You can seek advice and general information about St Mary’s from them.

Want to apply to be senior resident? Get in touch with the Student Life Team, now!

What support we offer at St Marys

  • The Student Life Team offers pastoral support to all students at St Mary's, no issue is too small
  • The Student Life Team has direct links with all other support services, such as accommodation, funding and wellbeing
  • The Student Life Team are the first point of call if a student has been involved in any type of incident, where they can offer advice, guidance and signpost to external avenues of support.