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Living in University-managed halls

This page contains practical information on living in University managed halls of residence. Please visit your university accommodation portal for more information.

The Resident Handbook has been put together to provide you with useful information that will help you settle in and get the most out of your time living in halls of residence. In the handbook you will find helpful information about your resident meal plan, support services, and so much more.  

Terms and Conditions of Residence are set out in the Campus Licence Agreement, which is stored in a permanent, noneditable pdf accessible from the accommodation e-portal. Check your Licence Agreement via the Accommodation Portal.  

Please ensure you read your contract carefully. The Undergraduate Contract period is generally 36 weeks. In some cases, depending on the course of study and term dates, this may need to be extended. In such cases additional payment will need to be made for any extra days in hall. All students are required to sign a contract for their room for the whole academic year.  Please refer to the Accommodation Licence Agreement for further details.

Halls use proximity card access for the main door and you will be issued a key to access your room.

If you lose your key you will be charged for replacements and in some circumstances replacement locks – please look after your keys at all times. Key rings should not state the room location in case of lost or stolen keys.

If your key is lost or stolen, please report to the Security Office.

Generally each hall or group of halls of residence has a Resident Mentor. You will meet them in the hall when you arrive and at a meeting during the first week, which you must attend.

You will be told about any conditions or regulations which apply to your particular hall and any questions you have will be answered. You will be required to attend regular hall meetings as advertised within your hall.

The University will assist Students to maintain standards by providing necessary equipment and regular cleaning of communal and bathroom (including en-suite) areas.

If you experience a problem in your Hall which requires maintenance work please report this to the St Mary's Estates and Facilities Helpdesk at

If you require assistance with a maintenance issue please speak with your Resident Mentor.

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly common throughout the accommodation sector, this can particularly impact on student accommodation in the London area. The University takes measures to reduce the likelihood of you experiencing this problem and has procedures in place to respond promptly to any suspected cases of bed bugs in halls of residence.

Bed bugs are not considered disease carrying and can occur in the most hygienic environments. They can cause discomfort but they can be got rid of. If you are concerned or suspect bedbugs, or experience itchy bites similar to that of a mosquito and often in a row of three then please contact Facilities Helpdesk or the Accommodation Service straight away.

For further information please see the Estates and Facilities Bed Bug Protocol.

Fire retardant duvets and pillows, which meet safety regulations, are provided to International students. All other students are responsible for bringing and laundering your own bedding. The launderette is located next to K Block near the 'white gates' entrance to the campus. The Washing machines operate with the use of a specific online top up card which can be purchased in the Washeteria.

Essential furniture is provided (usually a wardrobe, drawers, desk and chair) and rooms have shelf space and a notice board. Posters or photographs can only be displayed on the designated board. You may bring your own items with you (e.g. TV/Hi Fi, etc) but please be aware that the University takes no responsibility for your possessions.

There are communal kitchens available in halls for students on the meal plan. These provide snack making facilities i.e. fridge, microwave, kettle and toasters.

Each student is responsible for their own washing up and you must provide your own crockery and cutlery. The kitchens also have irons and ironing boards.

Students must not bring any cooking equipment into the halls of residence, however small (mini) fridges are permitted. There are shared bath/shower/toilet facilities in non en-suite halls of residence.

If you bring your own television you must purchase your own TV licence. (Please check the TV licensing website for student details and how to apply). Please note that you could be issued with a substantial fine if you are found to be using a personal TV without a TV licence.

To help us manage fire safety in Residences, all students must be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that any electrical/electronic appliance you bring into the halls is electronically sound and is made available for a Portable Appliance Test (a valid PAT Certificate will be required).

Mandatory inspections of all bedrooms take place in Autumn of each year and certified electricians will safety check all electrical appliances. Notice of the inspection will be sent by email, and you must make available all electric items in your room for inspection.

If you have an electrical item which fails the safety inspection, you will be notified by email and have seven days to remove the item from Residences.

Student possessions insurance has been provided through Endsleigh for every student who is living in our student residences.

This covers a range of belongings in your room, including laptops, sports and electrical equipment, clothes and frozen food. This has been arranged by St Mary’s University at no extra cost to students.

All claims will be handled directly by Endsleigh. Please visit the Endsleigh website and select 'Student Policies' if you need to make a claim.

For claims information, or to extend your policy, visit the Endsleigh website.
*24 hours represents 1 working day from Endsleigh approving your claim.

Laptops, tablets and phones are not covered outside of your room so you may wish to consider taking out additional cover to protect your essential gadgets and other possessions. Endsleigh is proud to offer a 24 hour* laptop and phone replacement promise and is the only insurance provider recommended by NUS.

Due to the potential fire risk and risk of damage to property the burning of candles or any other naked flames is strictly prohibited in all student residences. 

Students are asked to note that by law smoking is strictly prohibited in both communal areas and student bedrooms in halls of residence, as is the case in all other University buildings.  Smoking is permitted in external areas.

Resident students are advised not to bring their own cars as there is no parking provided on campus for students unless you are a registered blue badge holder. Unauthorised vehicles parked within the campus car parks will be fined. On-street parking near the campus is very limited.