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Dr Craig Owen

Lecturer - Psychology

About Research


Craig's teaching draws upon his research expertise in the fields of Critical Social Psychology, Critical Health Psychology and qualitative research methods.

Modules taught:

  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Critical Health Psychology
  • Research Methods I (Qualitative)
  • Research Methods IV (Qualitative)

Academic Responsibilities:

  • Programme tutor for Psychology and Counselling foundation degree


Craig's areas of research fall under the banner of ‘Critical Social Psychology’ and ‘Critical Health Psychology’ and are underpinned by the use of a diverse range of qualitative methods. His primary research interest focuses on the performance of masculine identities in capoeira and Latin and ballroom dance classes. Craig's interest in this area developed due to the radical changes in gender relations in the UK, specifically the possible emergence of more progressive and inclusive masculinities that do not rely on homophobia, sexism or compulsory heterosexuality. To explore these emerging trends, he situated his PhD research in the historically feminized context of dance, and provided an in depth ethnographic account of how, by learning to dance, young men are able negotiate a range of complex discourses of masculinity and enact shifting identities.

Craig’s PhD Thesis – “Dancing Gender: Exploring Embodied Masculinities

Craig’s Research & Teaching Blog - “Dancing Gender

Craig’s Twitter Page – “CraigsResearch

Current Projects:

Craig is currently collaborating on five new research projects that explore:

  • Tackling ‘lad culture’ on university campuses
  • How men’s magazines talk about penises
  • How teenage girl’s magazines talk about breasts
  • The role of sound in people’s sex lives
  • People’s experiences of becoming British citizens.


  • Owen, C. (2018). Book review – Laura Ellingson (2017). Embodiment in qualitative research. International Society of Critical Health Psychology.
  • Owen, C. (2018). Book review - Embodying Brazil: an ethnography of diasporic capoeira. Martial Arts Studies. (5), pp.91–93.
  • Owen, C & Campbell, C. (2017). How do men’s magazines talk about penises? Journal of Health Psychology,
  • Owen, C. & De Martini Ugolotti, N. (2017). “Pra Homem, Menino e Mulher”?: Problematizing the Gender Inclusivity Discourse in Capoeira. International Review for the Sociology of Sport,
  • Owen, C. & Riley, S. (2012). Teaching visual methods using performative storytelling, reflective practice and learning through doing. Psychology Learning and Teaching, 11(1), 60-65.
  • Owen, C. (2007). Review: B. Benwell and E. Stokoe (2006). Discourse and Identity. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 4(3), 261- 262.

Journal reviewing:

Invited to peer review for Psychology of Men and Masculinity, International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Sage Publications, British Journal of Social Psychology, Harts and Minds, and The Black Scholar.

Feedback on Teaching:

Anonymous Student Feedback:

Craig’s lectures were very encouraging and worded simply which was great. He’s energetic and passionate which helped with listening and learning” (2nd year Psychology undergraduate - 04/2016).

Craig – Really enthusiastic and made research methods really enjoyable – my favourite by far! – Really interesting lectures and concepts too!” (2nd year Psychology undergraduate - 04/2016).

Peer Observation and Feedback:

“Craig’s preparation of material was very learner engagement focused – the metaphors and images used throughout, and providing everyday examples on the theories is a testament to this. The group discussion activities were devised to encourage active learning, which worked well. Craig not only outlined the activities clearly but during the time walked around the groups to listen in and provide encouragement. He then provided an open and comfortable platform for students to feedback their ideas (peer observation - 02/2017)

Research Workshops

Funding, Awards and Responsibilities:

  • Commissioning editor for International Society of Critical Health Psychology website.
  • Award for best Pecha Kucha presentation - International Society of Critical Health Psychology conference (2017)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2016)
  • Staff Appreciation Award – St Mary’s University (2016)
  • British Council Graduate Award Scheme - to undertake the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) (2013).
  • The Bishop Prize for Dance - for commitment and development in dance and for facilitating and encouraging the participation of others at University of Bath (2012).
  • University of Bath Postgraduate Research Training Support Fund - to present an oral paper at the International Sociology of Sport Association conference in Havana (2011).
  • Roberts Fund for Researcher-Led Training Initiatives - to organize a two day postgraduate workshop exploring how theatre can be used in qualitative research. Involved establishing a jiscmail academic network and a series of video clips (2011). THEATREANDDRAMA@JISCMAIL.AC.UK


  • The European Association for Sociology of Sport (EASS)
  • The International Association for Sociology of Sport (ISSA)

Conference Presentations & Invited Talks:

  • Owen, C. & De Martini Ugolotti, N. (2018). ‘Pra homem, menino e mulher’? Problematizing the gender inclusivity discourse in capoeira. European Associaition for Sociology of Sport, 15th Annual Conference, Bordeaux.
  • Owen, C. (2018). How do mens magazines talk about penises? Gender and Sexuality Research Network, University of Reading.
  • Owen, C. (2018). “Fred, I’m not going to force you to have a pseudonym”: Reflecting on an ethical co-performance event. 4th Annual Qualitative Research Symposium, University of Bath.
  • Owen, C. & Campbell, C. (2017). How do men’s magazines talk about penises? ISCHP 10th Biennial conference, Loughborough University.
  • Owen, C. (2016) Masculine identities and the performance of ‘awesome moves’ in capoeira classes. Martial Arts Studies Conference 2016, Cardiff University.
  • Owen, C. & N. de Martini Ugolotti (2016) Problematizing the Discourses and Practices of Gender Inclusivity in Capoeira'. Gender and Inequalities in Sport Conference, Milton Keynes.
  • Owen, C. (2012) Stiff Hips: Learning and Teaching through the Body. Innovations in Learning & Teaching - Further Knowledge: the Link Between Teaching and Research, University of Bath
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2012) Performing Dancing Masculinities through Methodological Bricolage. Interdisciplinary Workshop for Psychology PhD Students. Oxford Brookes University.
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2011) Stiff Hips: Learning and Teaching through the Body. BSA Postgraduate Day - The Body: Exploring Culture and Research. University of Kent, Canterbury.
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2011) Facebook Publishing: Using photography as a performative ethnographic method. Second International Visual Methods conference. The Open University, Milton Keynes.
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2011) Dancing Gender: Performing Gentlemanly Masculinities at DanceSport Competitions. International Sociology of Sport Association – World Congress. Havana, Cuba.
  • Owen, C (2011) Engaging with men’s experiences of dance through an interactive, open-access and educational website. Demystifying Public Engagement – Gender and Sexuality Studies beyond the Academy. Newcastle University. 
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2011) Discursive and Embodied Transitions in Ballroom Dancing: Telling Stories through Multi-media Ethnography. Understanding Transitions through Methodological Innovations - PhD and Early Career Researchers Workshop. Leicester University. 
  • Owen, C. (2011) Disseminating research through multi-media websites. BSA Youth Study Group Research Development Workshop for Research Students and Early Career Researchers. BSA seminar room, London. 
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2010) ‘Craig you look camp’: Writing reflexively through telling short stories. 6th Meeting of the Transnational Working Group for the Study of Gender and Sport. University of Bath. 
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2010) Performing Masculinity using ‘Street Photography’ and ‘Theatrical Improvisation’. 8th International Qualitative Research Conference. Bournemouth University.
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2010) Dancing with Women: Discursive and Embodied Transitions in Ballroom Dancing. BSA Sport Study Group Postgraduate Forum. Loughborough University.
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2010) Analyzing the performance of masculinities in ballroom dancing: synthesizing Foucauldian discourse analysis with mediated discourse analysis. Multimodality and Learning Conference: Environments, Rhetoric, Recognition, Play, and Methods. Institute of Education, University of London. 
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2009) Stiff Hips: Performing masculinity in dance classes. BSA Sport Study Group Postgraduate Forum. The Chelsea School, University of Brighton. 
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2009) Stiff Hips: men’s experience of dancing. Communicating Experiences: Qualitative research in sport and exercise. Roehampton University. 
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2009) How are we training the next generation of multi-media ethnographers? BSA Annual conference: The Challenge of Global Social Inquiry. Cardiff City Hall. 
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2007) Building rapport, collaboration and friendship with research participants: Tensions, ethics and enjoyment. Ethnographic Futures: voice, politics and representation. Keele University. 
  • Owen, C., Riley, S. & Griffin, C. (2007) The Male Gaze, Inverted. New Dance Scholar’s Conference. London College of Fashion, Society of Dance Research.

Poster Presentations:

  • Owen, C. (2017). Embrace the Mess! Visualising Methodological Bricolage as a Japanese Wish Tree. Employing and Applying Pluralistic Qualitative Research. Middlesex University.
  • Owen, C (2008). Critically analyzing masculinity and dance using visual images. Meeting of Minds: discovering the links between our disciplines. University of Bath. 
  • Owen, C (2007). The male gaze, inverted. University of Bath Postgraduate Conference.

Photography Exhibitions:

  • Owen, C (2012). The Performance of Masculinity in Capoeira. University of Bath Images of Research Booklet (p.44).
  • Owen, C (2010). Dancing Gender - A Moving Story. Visual Research Stories competition. The Graduate Centre, University of Bath. 
  • Owen, C (2010). The Performance of Masculinity in Capoeira. Images of Research: Photography exhibition. The Octagon, Bath. 
  • Owen, C (2009). Men's experiences of Latin and ballroom dancing. Images of Research: Photography exhibition. Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution. Bath.

Press Coverage: