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Dr Opi Outhwaite

Associate Professor in Law
LLM Programme Lead

Dr Opi Outhwaite

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4000


Dr Opi Outhwaite is Senior Lecturer in Law at St Mary’s University.  Opi is Programme Lead for the LLM in International Business Law and International & European Business Law with the Institut Catholique de Paris.

Opi’s main teaching and research interests are centred around international law and governance particularly with reference to the environment, human rights and international business operations. She has published widely in her research areas, organised numerous symposia and workshops and undertaken extensive broader public engagement.

Opi is Module Leader for the LLM modules Law & Justice in a Globalised World, International Business and Ethical Challenges and Approaches to Legal Research and teaches Rights and Responsibilities at Level 3. She also supervises dissertations and PhDs and welcomes PhD applications related to her research areas.

Before joining St Mary’s Opi was Senior lecturer at the University of Greenwich where she was awarded HEA funding to disseminate innovative practice in feedback and assessment, led the Teaching and Learning in Law & Criminology research and practice group, and developed  a major programme for enhanced transition linked with strategic priorities in attainment, retention and student satisfaction and wellbeing. Opi previously held teaching and research posts at the University of Surrey, the Natural Resources Institute (NRI) and the University of Hertfordshire. She has undertaken research and consultancy for government bodies and NGOs including the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the Belize Agricultural Health Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture in Tanzania, the EU, INBAR, People & Planet and Electronics Watch.

External roles

IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Journal: Co-Editor in Chief, 2017- Managing Editor, 2015 – 2017

Academy International Advisory Group member: Electronics Watch

External examiner: Suffolk University: LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology, LLB (Hons) Law with Sociology, BSc (Hons) Criminology and Law


Research profile


Book chapters

Outhwaite, O. (forthcoming, 2019), Pursuing  human  rights  through  the  Government  Procurement  Agreement  of  the  WTO, in Olga Martin-Ortega and Claire Methven O'Brien (eds) Public Procurement and Human Rights: Opportunities, Risks and Dilemmas for the State as a Buyer,  Edward Elgar, (invited chapter)

Outhwaite, O. (2017), Biosecurity, Invasive Species and the Law in Routledge Handbook of Biodiversity and the Law, Routledge (invited chapter)

Outhwaite, O. (2013), ‘Legal Frameworks for Biosecurity’ in Andrew Dobson, Kezia Barker and Sarah Taylor (eds), Biosecurity: Theory and Politics in Practice, Routledge/Earthscan

Outhwaite, O. (2013), ‘Preventing and mitigating the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss through biosecurity’ in Frank Maes, An Cliquet, Willemien du Plessis, Heather McLeod-Kilmurray (eds), 'Biodiversity and Climate Change', Edward Elgar/IUCN

Journal articles

Outhwaite, O and Martin Ortega, O (2018/19, forthcoming) Monitoring labour rights in global supply chains: elements for a new worker-driven approach, Competition and Change, special issue

Outhwaite, O (2017), Neither fish, nor fowl: honeybees and the parameters of current legal frameworks for animals, wildlife and biodiversity, Journal of Environmental Law 29 (2) pp. 317-341

Outhwaite, O and Martin-Ortega, O. (2016) Human Rights in Global Supply Chains: Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Procurement in the European Union, Human Rights and International Legal Discourse, (1) 2016

Outhwaite, O. (2015) Environmental offences: finally making the polluter pay? IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Journal, June 2015

Olga Martin-Ortega, Opi Outhwaite and William Rook (2015), “Buying power and working conditions in the electronics supply chain: legal options for socially responsible public procurement”, International Journal of Human Rights, Vol 9 Issue 3

Outhwaite, O. (2014) Judicial Review Procedures, Public Participation and Access to Environmental Justice, IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Journal, 5: 2014

Carr, I and Outhwaite, O. (2011) Controlling Corruption through Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance: Theory and Practice, Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 2 (2), 299-341

Carr, I and Outhwaite, O. (2011) The role of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in combating corruption: theory and practice, Suffolk University Law Review Vol. 44, 615

Outhwaite, O. (2010), The International Legal Framework for Biosecurity and the Challenges Ahead, Review of EC and International Environmental Law (RECIEL), 19 (2), 207-226.

Carr, I and Outhwaite, O. (2009) Corruption and Business Integrity: Law, Policy and Company Practices, Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, Vol. 6 Issue 3.

Carr, I and Outhwaite, O. (2009) Understanding the Impact of Anti-Corruption Measures on Company Practices and Attitudes, Journal of the Institute of International Economic Relations, Vol. 14, No 4.

Carr, I and Outhwaite, O. (2008) Surveying Corruption in International Business, Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, Vol. 5, Issue 2

Carr, I. and Outhwaite, O. (2008) The OECD Anti-Corruption Convention: Ten Years On, Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, Vol. 5, Issue 1.

Outhwaite, O, Robert Black, Angela Laycock (2008), The Significance of Cost Recovery for the Regulation of Agricultural Health, Journal of Law and Society, Volume 35 Issue 1(s)

Outhwaite, O. Robert Black, Angela Laycock (2007), The Pursuit of Grounded Theory in Agricultural and Environmental Regulation: a suggested approach to Empirical Legal Study in Biosecurity, Law and Policy Volume 29, No. 4.

Black, R. and Outhwaite, O. (2005), Genes, Trade and Regulation: the Seeds of Conflict in Food Biotechnology, Thomas Bernauer (book review), The Yearbook of European Environmental Law, 5 497-498.


Opi Outhwaite with Grace Agambar, 2017, Judicial attitudes towards animals, 5th European Conference for Critical Animal Studies, Lund University, 26-28 October 2017

Opi Outhwaite and Olga Martin-Ortega, 2015, Human Rights in Global Supply Chains: Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Procurement in the European Union, EBEN: European Business Ethics Network, Research conference: Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics, Copenhagen Business School, 1-3 October, 2015

Olga Martin-Ortega, Opi Outhwaite and William Rook, 2014, Business, Human Rights and Public Procurement: legal options for the procurement of responsibly manufactured electronics, ESIL: European Society of International Law, 10th Anniversary Conference, University of Vienna, 4-6 September 2014

Opi Outhwaite and Kim Everett, 2012, Innovation in Assessment and Feedback: Crime and Problem Solving, Association of Law Teachers 47th Annual Conference, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, April 2012

Everett, Kim and Opi Outhwaite, 2012, Crime and Problem Solving, SLSA Annual Conference, DeMontfort University, March 2012

Outhwaite, Opi, 2012, Beyond the First Week: Enhanced Transition in the School of Law Learning From Our Successes: What Works? University of Greenwich, December 2012.

Outhwaite, Opi, 2010, Implementing biosecurity law in Belize, The Socio-Politics of Biosecurity: Science, Policy and Practice, ESRC Seminar Series 2009-2011 in collaboration with Keele University and Birkbeck, University of London

Outhwaite, Opi, 2010, Preventing and mitigating the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss through biosecurity, (plenary) IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Eighth Annual Colloquium, 13 - 17, September 2010, University of Ghent

Outhwaite, Opi, 2010, The UK legal framework for honey bee conservation, Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, 13th - 16th September 2010, University of Southampton.

Carr, Indira and Outhwaite, Opi, 2008, Corruption in International Business: Understanding the Impact of Anti- corruption Measures on Company Practices and Attitudes. Patterns of Corruption in the 21st Century, September 6-7, 2008, Institute of International Economic Relations, Athens, Greece.

Outhwaite, O. and Black, R. with Laycock, A., 2006, Pluralist Influences on Pesticides Regulation in Developing Countries, Socio Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Stirling.

Outhwaite, O. Black, R. and Laycock, A. 2005, Evaluating Biosecurity Law & Regulation: issues in handling qualitative data, The W G Hart Legal Workshop, Institute for Advanced Legal Studies.

Outhwaite, O. 2005, Issues in Handling Qualitative Data: examples from socio-legal research, University of Greenwich Annual Postgraduate Conference, University of Greenwich.

Black, R. with Outhwaite, O. and Laycock, A., 2004, Reflections on the regulation of health and environmental protection in Belize: the Pesticides Control Board, Socio Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Glasgow.

Outhwaite O. and Black, R., 2004, 'Application of the WTO’s Process and Production Methods Jurisprudence to Biosecurity Measures’, The Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, University of Sheffield.

Working papers and reports

Outhwaite, O. and Agambar, G. (forthcoming) Judges, animals and law (insights from a pilot study), Research Brief, funded by the Peter Harris Trust.

Kevin Lin, Liana Foxvog, Olga Martin-Ortega and Opi Outhwaite (2018) ‘Time for a Reboot: Monitoring in China's Electronics Industry, International Labor Rights Forum and the Business, Human Rights and the Environment Research Group, School of Law, University of Greenwich

Opi Outhwaite and Olga Martin-Ortega (2017), Monitoring Human Rights in Global Supply Chains. Insights and policy recommendations for civil society, global brands and academics. BHRE Research Series. Policy Paper n.3.

Olga Martin-Ortega and Opi Outhwaite, (2014) ‘Promoting responsible electronics supply chains through public procurement’, BHRE policy paper, December 2014

Olga Martin-Ortega and Opi Outhwaite, with William Rook, (2013), 'Improving Working Conditions in the Electronics Industry Global Supply Chain: Legal Issues Associated to Social

Considerations in EU Public Procurement', Working paper (1) for Electronics Watch, October 2013

Olga Martin-Ortega, Opi Outhwaite and William Rook, (2013), 'Electronics Watch Model: A Suggested Contract Performance Clause for Public Procurement Agreements for Electronic Goods', Working paper (2) for Electronics Watch, December 2013

Outhwaite, O. (2010) Honey bee health in England and Wales: risk, policy and regulation, working paper, University of Greenwich

Carr, I. and Outhwaite, O. (2008), Investigating Corruption in International Business, University of Surrey Working Paper Series.

Tallontire, Anne; Black, Robert; Nicolaides, Linda and Outhwaite, Opi, (2007), Designing A ‘Sustainable Development Test’ To Outline The Effects Of The European Union’s Sanitary And Phytosanitary Based Import Requirements On Developing Countries, Natural Resources Institute, Final Report (DEFRA/DFID).

Outhwaite, O. (2006), ‘Stakeholder Perceptions of the Belize Agricultural Health Framework’, Report for the Belize Agricultural Health Authority.

Outhwaite, O. (2004), ‘The implementation and enforcement of the Pesticides Control Act, Belize’, Report for the Pesticides Control Board, Belize.

Black, R. and Outhwaite, O. (2003), Strengthening Existing Legal and Regulatory Provision for Animal and Plant Health and Food Safety (Final Report), Consultancy Services to the Belize Agricultural Health Authority for the Modernization of Agricultural Health Services Project, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.


Teaching and Learning

The Inclusive Curriculum, University of Greenwich School of Law, 15 June 2018 [delivered training]

Closing the attainment gap: School of Law case study, Community of Practice Launch Event, University of Greenwich, 15 May 2018

Pedagogies Critical Reading Group, University of Greenwich School of Law, January 2018 — [Leader]

Problem Based Learning, University of Greenwich Teaching and Learning Symposium, February 2015 (invited)

Crime and Problem Solving, training workshop at Manchester Metropolitan University, October 2013, (invited)

Supporting retention through enhanced transition: practice and experience in Law, Faculty ACH, University of Greenwich, May 2013

Teaching Legal Problem Solving, HEA funded workshop, University of Greenwich, April 2013

Beyond the First Week: Enhanced Transition in the School of Law, EDU conference, ‘Learning From Our Successes: What Works?’ University of Greenwich March 2013, (invited)

Law Summer School, course tutor, University of Hertfordshire, 2007

Panel Chair, Aspire/AimHigher South East London Conference, Goldsmith’s, University of London, 2004,(invited)

Coordinator, AimHigher ‘mock trial’ day for schools, University of Greenwich, 2004 ‘Law in Schools’, Project Coordinator, University of Greenwich, 2003, 2004, 2005


Improving labour conditions in global production networks through socially responsible public procurement, University of London (Queen Mary), November 2018 (invited panel chair)

Electronics Watch Annual Conference, Queen Mary University, London [co-organiser and session chair], 7 December 2017

Behind Your Screen: social and environmental conditions in the electronics supply chain, (organised with the support of the University of Greenwich SustainabilityHub), University of Greenwich, December 2015

Socially Responsible Public Procurement of Electronic Products: the challenges of monitoring the supply chain, one day symposium, University of Greenwich, LUPC-UOG funded, December 2015

Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility and Development, Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, Research seminar and book launch, March 2015 (invited speaker)

Neither Fish, nor Fowl: Honeybees in Current Legal Frameworks, Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, Being Human: AHRC National Festival of the Humanities, 2014 (invited speaker)

Socially Responsible Public Procurement, stakeholder workshop (co-organiser, panel chair and presenter), University of Greenwich, 2014

Animal Health and Welfare: Balance of EU Competencies Report (draft), Defra, May 2013 (invited review)

Obligations and flexibilities in animal health legislation, presentation to Defra (Animal Health & Welfare), Better Regulation Unit and other government departments, April 2013

Interview, BBC Radio 4, honeybee biosecurity and conservation, 2010

Honeybee biosecurity and conservation, stakeholder research meeting, Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera), 2010 (convener)

Honeybee health in England and Wales: what role for regulation? Capital Growth, Southbank Centre, 2010 (invited speaker)

Honeybee conservation: regulatory issues, National Fruit Growers Association, 2010, (invited speaker)

International Justice, staff seminar series, joint organiser, University of Greenwich, 2010

Corruption in International Business, stakeholder workshop (co-organised and presented), British Academy, 2008

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