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Dr Sinead McEneaney

Senior Lecturer - History

Dr Sinead McEneaney

Tel: 020 8240 4086

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Sinead McEneaney holds her PhD from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, and joined the History team in 2010 as a lecturer in US history. She teaches undergraduate modules in American history, focusing on race and gender, civil rights and the political and cultural climate of the 1960s. She also teaches the first year module on Atlantic world history, and co-teaches on the first year Revolutions and Rebellions module.

Her teaching at Levels 5 and 6 is directly related to her research, which primarily focuses on youth protest in the USA in the 1960s. More recently, she is developing a project that examines the genre of autobiography as a form of protest. Her most recent published work on conservative women in magazines is available as a chapter in Rachel Ritchie et al. (eds) Women in Magazines: Research Representation Production and Consumption (Routledge, 2016).

She is on the steering group of the Society for Historians of Women in the Americas (SHAW) and co-convenes a monthly seminar series at the Institute of Historical Research at Senate House. She is also on the editorial board of the online open-access journal History of Women in the Americas.

Sinead welcomes applications for potential PhD supervision in the fields of gender, race and representation, youth protest, the history of social movements.

Academic and Professional Qualifications and Experience:

  • PhD (History) National University of Ireland, Maynooth [2004)
  • Higher Diploma in Education, NUI Maynooth [1998)
  • BA (Hons) History & French (First Class, 1997)

Current Position:

  • Since 2013 Programme Director, History
  • 2010- Lecturer, History

Previous Academic Experience:

  • Lecturer positions held at Dublin City University (St Patrick's College), the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Newcastle University, and the University of Essex.


Work in Progress:

  • Working on book provisionally titled Negotiated spaces: the experiences of female student activists in France and the USA, 1960-1970
  • Developing project on Autobiography and Protest, with a focus on African American women's autobiographies and the Civil Rights era

Conference Papers and Presentations:

  • Panel contribution on Radicals in America, with Dr Christopher Phelps (Nottingham), Dr Nick Witham (UCL) (Plenary session of the Radical Americas Symposium, Institute of the Americas (UCL) 14-15 September 2015)
  • '"Mindless-Boob-Girlie Symbols": representations of women in the underground and counterculture press in the 1960s.' (Consuming Culture: Women and Girls in Print and Pixels, Oxford Brookes University, 5-6 June 2015.) 
  • 'A "Great Society" or a "New Era"?: Anti Poverty Strategies of the New Left in the 1960s.' (British Association for American Studies Annual Conference, Northumbria University, 9-12 April 2015)
  • 'Autobiography as Continued Resistance: Gender, Life Narratives and the Protest Movements of the 1960s.' (Gender and History in the Americas seminar, Institute of Historical Research, 1 December 2014).
  • 'Two Tits, No Head: the "movement press" and women's organizing within the youth movement of the 1960s.' (Freedom, Rights and Power: Recasting Women's Struggles across the Americas since 1900, St Mary's University College, 26-27 April 2013).
  • 'Autobiography as continued resistance: Gender, the Black Panther Party and Elaine Brown's A Taste of Power.' (British Association for Americans Studies Annual Conference, University of Exeter, 18-21 April 2013).
  • 'Righting women in the 1960s: gender, power and conservatism in New Guard.' (Women in Magazines Conference, Kingston University, London, 22-23 June 2012)
  • 'Gender, power and grass roots organizing: the case of Cleveland ERAP in the 1960s.' (British Historians of Women in the Americas annual conference, Brunel University, July 2010)
  • 'Women, welfare and liberation in Cleveland, Ohio, 1964-67.' (British Association for Americans Studies Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, 16-18 April 2009)
  • 'Civil spaces, urban spaces and popular protest: 1960s Ireland in comparative perspective.' (1968 Conference (British Sociological Association), Birkbeck, London, 3-4 July 2008) 
  • 'Housing action projects and civil spaces in the 1960s.' (The 'establishment' responds the institutional and social impact of protest movements during and after the Cold War, University of Heidelberg, November 2007)
  • 'Sitting on the back of the bus? Representations of women in Tom Wolfe's Electric kool-aid acid test.' (27th International Conference of the Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies, Lisbon, Portugal, 27-28 April 2006)
  • 'The New Left, women and the emergence of feminisms: a transatlantic perspective.' (Transatlantic Studies Conference, University of Nottingham, 11-14 July 2005)
  • 'Women in the NO: the impact of internal structures on the participation of women in the National Office of the SDS, 1962-69.' (IHSTA conference, NUI Maynooth, February 2001)

Conferences Organised:

  • Co-organiser, with Dr Rachel Ritchie (Brunel), 'Cults of Womanhood: a Welter retrospective,' September 2016. Initial funding (£200) secured through competitive bid to the British Association of American Studies 
  • Co-organiser, with Dr Helen Glew (Westminster) and Dr Rachel Ritchie (Brunel), 'Ms/Representation: Mass Media and Feminisms in Historical Context.' Hosted at the University of Westminster 29 November 2014. 
  • Co-organiser, with Dr Helen Glew (Westminster), Dr Jane Hamlett (RHUL), Dr Rachel Ritchie (Brunel), 'Women as Wives and Workers: Marking Fifty Years of The Feminine Mystique.' Hosted at the Bedford Centre for Gender Studies, RHUL, 30 November 2013. 
  • Co-Organiser, with Dr Dawn Marie Gibson (RHUL), Dr Althea Legal-Miller (UCL) and Imaobong Umoren (Oxford), 'Freedom, Rights and Power: Recasting Women's Struggles Across the Americas Since 1900'. Hosted at St Mary's University 26-27 April 2013. 

Media engagements:

  • Interview on the legacy of Gerald Ford, RTE Radio 1 (Ireland), 26 December 2006.
  • Contributor to panel discussion on popular protest, Tubridy show, RTE Radio 1, 17 November 2006.
  • Contributor to panel discussion on the Cuban missile crisis, Talking History, Newstalk 106FM, 22 October 2006.
  • Frequent contributor to 'On this Day' slots on East Coast FM (Ireland), February 2005-June 2007.

Publications Peer-reviewed articles and chapters:

  • 'Righting women in the 1960s: gender, power and conservatism in New Guard.' In Sue Hawkins, Nicola Phillips, Rachel Ritchie and S.J. Kleinberg (eds) Women in Magazines (Routledge, 2016) Forthcoming
  • 'Sitting on the back of the bus? Representations of women in Tom Wolfe's Electric kool-aid acid test',Crossroads of culture (proceedings of the 27th International conference of the Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies), June 2007, pp 733-742.
  • 'Miss YAF: women within the ranks of the Young Americans for Freedom, 1960-69', Irish history: a research yearbook, no. 2, 2003, pp 92-102.

Editing work:

  • Co-editor of a special edition 'Women as Wives and Workers,' commemorating fifty years since the publication of The Feminine MystiqueHistory of Women in the Americas vol. 3 (2015) (open access).

Non-peer reviewed articles:

  • With Rachel Ritchie, Helen Glew, Jane Hamlett and Zoe Thomas, 'Introduction: Mystique at Fifty' History of Women in the Americas, 3 (2015).

Review Articles:

  • 'Feminisms,' Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, 19 (2011): 297-308. 
  • 'Feminisms,' Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, 18 (2010): 258-269.


  • Trisha Franzen, Anna Howard Shaw: the Work of Woman Suffrage (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2014). Women's History Review, forthcoming.
  • Dayo F. Gore, Radicalism at the Crossroads: African American Women Activists in the Cold War (New York & London: New York University Press, 2011). Women's History Review, 23/4 (2014): 670-672.
  • Women and Social Movements International, 1840 to the Present. For History Workshop Online

Esteem indicators:

  • Membership Secretary, Steering Committee of the Society for History of Women in the Americas (SHAW) 
  • Co-convenor of monthly seminar series Gender and History in the Americas at the Institute of Historical Research.
  • Member of the American Historical Association.
  • Member of the British Association of American Studies.

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