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Dr Conor Gissane

Academic Director for Research

Conor completed his PhD in 2003 at Brunel University in the area of epidemiological investigation into rugby league injury. During his time in academia he has worked at Brunel University, along with several visiting positions at Nottingham University, University College Dublin and the University of East London.

His main area of research interest is injury in sport, and more recently the incidence of concussion. This initially began in rugby league, but has since been extended to several other sports. Conor is also interested in statistics and statistics education and research design. The combination of these areas has led to an interest into the design of studies to investigate sport rehabilitation practices.

Conor has research collaborations with Liverpool John Moores University, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Irish Rugby Football Union, the Rugby Football League, Auckland University of Technology, the University of North Carolina.

Conor has several peer reviewed research publications, and has acted for a reviewer for ten peer reviewed journals. In addition he is a member of two editorial boards. He has an ongoing series of articles about statistics in the journal Physiotherapy Practice and Research.


Recent Publications:

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