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Dr Maria James

Programme Director PGC HE

Maria has taught for the last thirty five years. Her career began in primary schools and she moved to higher education fifteen years ago. In the past she lectured and advised at Brunel, Roehampton and Kingston Universities, working with others at the BFSS Religious Education Centre at Brunel whilst studying for her Master's in Religious Education. 

Her dissertation concerned Children’s Concepts of God (James, 2001). Since then she has attended and spoken at many high-profile conferences and published papers and chapters on aspects of faith-based practice and associated educational matters.

Maria’s doctoral studies concern her own faith-based practice and teacher identity. Through adopting self-study action research for her PhD, she has sought to improve her own learning and the learning of others, including her social formations. 

Her own practice termed as theopraxis (James 2006), meaning a morally committed practice in the light of faith in God, has been studied in the understanding that everyone brings a form of faith to their work whether religious or secular. One innovative aspect of the work is how pictorial transitionary metaphor can help emergent teachers develop and reconceptualise their own teacher identities.