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Dr Guglielmo Calvini

Senior Lecturer - Psychology

About Research


Guglielmo joined St. Mary’s in 2015 from the University of Plymouth where he held the position of Research Fellow. He was previously Lecturer at Plymouth and held post-doctoral research and teaching positions at Cardiff University, University of Leicester, and University of Reading. Guglielmo obtained a 5-year Laurea in Psychology from the University of Padua, Italy, in 1997 before working in market research and as Research Intern at the University of St. Andrews. He obtained his PhD from the University of Bristol in 2003 investigating the automatic mechanisms of social stereotypes. 

On the undergraduate Psychology programmes, Guglielmo supervises several undergraduate research projects in his area and is module convenor for Level 4 and Level 5 Research Methods. He also teaches Cognition and Cognitive Development at Level 5 and convenes Transferable Skills for Employment at Level 5. In addition, Guglielmo is supervising a PhD project and holds postgraduate and staff seminars on advanced quantitative research methods.

Academic responsibilities

  • Cognitive Science research cluster lead
  • Research Ethics Sub-committee member
  • Personal Tutor


  • PSY4001 Research Methods and Statistics I
  • PSY4006 Everyday Psychology
  • PSY5002 Research Methods and Statistics IV
  • PSY5005 Psychology Today
  • PSY5007 Transferable Skills for Employment
  • PSY5008 Social Brain
  • PSY5009 Developing Mind
  • PSY6001 Research Project
  • PSY6002 Extended Literature Review



Guglielmo’s research interests are in the field of adult social cognition and neuroscience. He is interested in the cognitive mechanisms and neural systems involved in the ability to take another person’s perspective both visually and mentally. He also investigates the perception of social categories (i.e. stereotypes), how they form, are activated, and their consequences on interpersonal behaviour. Lastly, he is interested in unintentional plagiarism and the social factors that facilitate it.

At St. Mary’s, Guglielmo leads the Cognitive Science research cluster and is a member of the University’s Research Ethics Sub-committee. He is a member of the Experimental Psychology Society and the international Society for Personality and Social Psychology and serves as peer-reviewer for several scientific publications in his field (e.g. Journal for Experimental Social Psychology, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology).

In the field of social cognition Guglielmo has supervised various postgraduate research projects and is currently supervising a PhD examining the importance of perspective-taking skills for team work in the workplace. He would welcome new PhD research projects in his field and related areas. Please contact him directly to discuss any prospective ideas.


2017 Calvini, G. Theory and practice of bayesian hypothesis testing: a JASP workshop. Research and Scholarship Fund, St. Mary’s University, £752.

2012-2014 Calvini, G. Attention capture and stereotype formation: The biasing effect of past attention allocation. Cognition Institute, University of Plymouth, £95k (fec).

2007-2009 Wyer, N. A. & G. Calvini. Mental control and the Self: Ironic effects of thought suppression on the perception, behaviour, and memory of the Self. Economic and Social Research Council, £132k (fec).

2001 Calvini, G. Selective visual attention in social neuroscience. Grindley Grant for Conference Attendance, Experimental Psychological Society.

Selected publications

Calvini, G., & Wyer, N. A. (under review). The role of spontaneous perspective-taking in empathy. Cognition.

Calvini, G., & Wyer, N. A. (under review). Stereotype control strategies: Concentration vs. suppression, and the role of metacognitive inferences. PLoS ONE.

Morra, S., Camba, R., Calvini, G., & Bracco, F. (2013). Italians do it better? M capacity measurement and cross-linguistic differences in the Direction Following Task (DFT). Journal of Applied Psycholinguistics, 13(1-2).

Wyer, N. A. & Calvini, G. (2011). Don’t sit so close to me: Unconsciously elicited affect automatically provokes interpersonal avoidance. Emotion, 11(5), 1230-1234.

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Macrae, C. N., Bodenhausen, G. V., & Calvini, G. (1999). Contexts of cryptomnesia: May the source be with you. Social Cognition, 17(3), 273-297.

Recent conference presentations

Calvini, G. & Thomas, R. (June 2018). The right supra-marginal gyrus in perspective-taking. The Future of Social Cognition, Norwich, UK.

Calvini, G. & Wyer, N. A. (April 2018). The role of spontaneous perspective-taking in empathy. Experimental Psychology Society, Leicester, UK.

Calvini, G. (August 2017). Theory and practice of bayesian hypothesis testing: a JASP workshop, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Barr, A. S., & Calvini, G. (August 2015). Category perception and social avoidance: The role of affective responses. Social Cognition Workshop 2015, Bangor, Wales.

Calvini, G. (September 2013). On the lookout for stereotypes: Past attention allocation and future stereotype formation. 49th Annual Meeting of the Society for Experimental Social Psychology, Berkeley, CA, USA.

Le Pelley, M., Spears, R., Calvini, G. (July 2011). Predictable prejudice: An associative bias in evaluative stereotype formation.16th General Meeting of the European Association for Social Psychology, Stockholm, Sweden

Calvini, G., Wyer, N. A., & Nash, A. (August 2010). Automatic interpersonal behaviour and the role of unconscious affect. Transfer of Knowledge Conference 2010, European Social Cognition Network 2, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Calvini, G. (April 2010). Don’t sit so close to me: Unconsciously elicited affect mediates automatic interpersonal avoidance. Joint Meeting of the Experimental Psychology Society/Spanish Experimental Psychology Society (SEPEX), Granada, Spain.

Wyer, N. A., Neilens, H. L., Perfect, T. J., Mazzoni, G., & Calvini, G. (October 2008). Ironic effects on self-construal. 44th Annual Meeting of the Society for Experimental Social Psychology, Sacramento, CA, USA.

Calvini, G. & Le Pelley, M. (March 2008). Associative learning and stereotype formation: Strength of association or memory retrieval biases? 12th Associative Learning Symposium, Gregynog Hall, Tregynon, Wales.